Hugo’s Spring

Hugo's Spring

The Arizona desert is bright with yellow daubs of colour where wild flowers grow. The skies are the bluest blue. Spring is definitely here.
There’s a lot of hope in Spring, don’t you think? Even the colour yellow… it’s warm, inviting and fun. Fresh and bright. Full of promise.
There’s probably few people on Earth right now not willing their hope for the families of those missing with flight MH370.
Behind all the reams of speculation they suffer in their not knowing and I hope for their sake, news come soon.

Sunset Walk

There’s nothing more meditative…


and relaxing…


than wandering in silence at sunset …


as the changing light transforms everything around you …


turning what is washed out in the brightness of day …


to deep hues…


sharper edges …


and glow from the inside out…


and then comes the night.


24 months

TIM_Nascar_wp_24monthsApparently I started my blog 2 years ago (thanks for the reminder wordpress!).

One of the most exciting parts of blogging is to get feedback from followers and non-followers alike, to be able to make that connection with like-minded people and gain inspiration from their work through that connection. Continue reading

Love is in the air


I DROPPED INTO my local supermarket tonight and was met with not one but four gorgeous, uber-pretty Valentine’s displays. Walls of flowers, chocolates, balloons and the not-so-sublte references to Paris (Eiffel towers everywhere) and which has long enjoyed the tantalising reputation as the City of Love … it’s impossible to ignore that St Valentines’ day approaches. Continue reading

Haunting Stones

Haunting Stones

What a week, and it’s only Tuesday!!

I’m posting this pic for a bit of fun, to wind down from a particularly challenging day and to play with my new ‘toy’… HDR (High Dynamic Range) Software called Photomatix.

I first read about it on the Stuck in Customs blog by Trey Ratcliff ( His work and the business he’s built around it is inspiring stuff.

This photo is of a facade I shot in New Orleans on the drive to Tucson from Florida 8 months ago. The HDR effect brings out the character of the stones and brickwork to full effect.

To me, it definitely looks haunted!

I can’t wait to try out the software on different images to see what effects it can create. I’ll be testing them out on you, so I hope you like them.

Sweet dreams.

Brand Makeover


IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME coming and will take me a while to perfect all that I want to achieve but I’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to make my photography work for me. Not an overnight decision by any stretch. I’ve done a lot of reading and research, practically every day for literally years. Following threads of ideas on the internet and seeing where it will take me. Continue reading