What’s in a name?

What's in a name?

Yeah, yeah, more name changes than underwear but I have so many projects on the boil and they each need their identity tweaked right now. At the end of the day it doesn’t really change what I do on this blog which is get motivated to share the results of a passion I enjoy.

So to distract you from removing The Image Maker brand from this site, which will purely be my public relations and marketing ‘hat’ and for which I will of course be providing photography services, please enjoy this gloriously meditative sunset I snapped around Christmas time about half way up Mount Lemmon, which is the tallest mountain near Tucson, Arizona from which there are views to die for and this picture is a pretty true representation.

With dust in the air that day, this is what this scene looked like. I’ve dropped the exposure back a touch because where the sunlight is the hottest in the image it burned a definitive line around itself which of course you could not see with the naked eye.

It’s my theory that I’ve taken too many of these sun angled photos that it’s the reason why my left eye doesn’t want to play ball so well any more. It’s true what they say kids, don’t look at the sun!

But, do stop and look at gorgeous views, it’s like taking a big deep breathe with your mind, don’t you think?









P.S. I have a bit of work to do to clean up the site with the new brand so if you’re looking around, please bare with me.

Rose Bracelet

Rose Bracelet

Well here’s a piece of blatant promotion. I set out some time ago to start an online costume jewellery business. Probably one year later, it’s happened!! The photography is mine, which is why I’m sharing it with my blog community.

I’m a DIY kind of gal, and the bracelet was shot on my balcony in a cardboard box I picked up a fruit market a couple of weeks ago. I cut out the sides, top and front, took some scissors to one of my husbands least favourite white T-shirts to tape over the holes, and voila! A home made light box. The seam was a piece of paper from the printer tray!

Natural lighting stepped in and this is the result. Low budget all the way. Yes, you may call me Stooge.

Maison d’Aubusson specialises in costume jewellery, shipping globally ex-Tucson, Arizona, USA. Free shipping in the USA, anywhere else in the world, standard international shipping rates apply.

Check out the facebook page http://goo.gl/ZgSBVy for a chance to win one of these rose motif bracelets for yourself or the greatest gal pal in your life. If you can’t wait til Saturday when the winner’s announced, you can buy them from the facebook page. They are not expensive.

All you have to do is LIKE the page.

Hope to see you over there some time.


Pink Garden

Pink Garden

Well… long time no see! For the last few months I’ve been challenged by a dramatic change in my eyesight which, as you can imagine, has been quite a challenge taking pictures! The focus in my left eye has failed me completely and has been, of course, the eye I use through my view finder. So a lot of retraining to use my right eye which frankly just feels foreign but I’m getting there. Photography has gone from a joy to a chore and slowly coming back to being fun again.

I am surprised by this rather sudden transition because my depth of field or ability to see it, has also been very wonky but as I get used to what I can and can’t do, without my glasses I like the result in this picture which draws you into the pink blooms.

It’s summer in Tucson and I’ve been doing lots of hikes and finally found the confidence to pick up the camera again.

Thanks for your patience!

Yvette x

Hugo’s Spring

Hugo's Spring

The Arizona desert is bright with yellow daubs of colour where wild flowers grow. The skies are the bluest blue. Spring is definitely here.
There’s a lot of hope in Spring, don’t you think? Even the colour yellow… it’s warm, inviting and fun. Fresh and bright. Full of promise.
There’s probably few people on Earth right now not willing their hope for the families of those missing with flight MH370.
Behind all the reams of speculation they suffer in their not knowing and I hope for their sake, news come soon.

Sunset Walk

There’s nothing more meditative…


and relaxing…


than wandering in silence at sunset …


as the changing light transforms everything around you …


turning what is washed out in the brightness of day …


to deep hues…


sharper edges …


and glow from the inside out…


and then comes the night.


24 months

TIM_Nascar_wp_24monthsApparently I started my blog 2 years ago (thanks for the reminder wordpress!).

One of the most exciting parts of blogging is to get feedback from followers and non-followers alike, to be able to make that connection with like-minded people and gain inspiration from their work through that connection. Continue reading